Unit Specific Resources: .
UNIT 1 Trading Stickers, Combining Coins
UNIT 2 CMS Geometry Unit
UNIT 3 Collections and Travel Stories
Permutations: CMS Unit
UNIT 5 Equal Groups
Measurement: CMS Unit
UNIT 6 Stories, Tables, and Graphs
Unit 7 Finding Fair Shares
Graphing: CMS Unit
UNIT 8 How Many Hundreds? How Many Miles?

Vocabulary 3rd grade.docx Great compilation of vocabulary words by standard. Thank you to Kim Smith from Allenbrook for sharing!
Investigations Unit Vocabulary: http://investigations.terc.edu/library/curric-math/qa-1ed/math_vocab.cfm

3rd Grade Games by Unit:

3rd U1 Make a Dollar.pdf
3rd U1 Close to $2.00.pdf
3rd U1 Close to 100.pdf
3rd U1 Capture5.pdf

3rd U3 Missing Factors.pdf
3rd U3 How Far from 100.pdf
3rd U3 Collections Match.pdf

3rd U5 Whats My Shape.pdf
3rd U5 Factor Pairs.pdf3rd U5 Count and Compare.pdf

3rd U7 Go Collecting.pdf
3rd U7 Fraction Cookie.pdf

3rd U8 Capture from 300 to 600.pdf
3rd U8 Collections Compare.pdf

Extension Projects for 3rd Grade Math Investigations:
We are currently working on posting extensions and interventions. If you have ideas for ways to extend the work in a unit, please feel free to email me :) amy.lehew@cms.k12.nc.us

This file3rd Grade Investigations ExtensionProjects.pdfcontains project ideas from the Minneapolis Public School District.

General 3rd Grade Resources:
Online games for grades 2-3 (supported by Investigations)

Literature Lists* for 3rd - 5th Grades

Multiplication Graphic Organizermultiplication graphic organizer.docx
Investigations Vocabularyinvestigations_vocabulary_g3_2903_1.pdf

End of Unit Rubrics
3rd Grade
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Unit Guides

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These Unit Guides have been written by TERC to support professional development with Investigations. All of the materials needed to complete each session are included in the Investigations materials. Due to copyright restrictions these documents are password protected. (password is msp)